DIY Biking Jersey

Do you have any idea how expensive real biking jerseys are? Like a lot. It’s outrageous.

All it is is a workout shirt with a pocket in the back so you can store your phone, ID, snacks, etc.

My husband is an avid mountain biker, so buying him one was something we definitely needed to consider as it will drastically reduce the chance of a phone breaking during a fall – it’s not very likely that you’ll land on your back.

And then we looked into it and I decided, “Hell naw, I ain’t paying for that.” And then the semi-crafty side of me took over.

We had a spare workout shirt lying around, just a simple one from Walmart, that I decided to modify.

I made a pocket out of some old basketball shorts, added a zipper, cut a line in the jersey, and sewed that bitch in.

Admittedly, up-close, you can tell that it was a half-assed project. I don’t currently have a sewing machine so everything was hand-stitched and I’m not the most patient person.

But, whatever. The jersey is fully functional and practically free, so I’ll call this one a win.

The husband likes it as well. But we all know I was going to make him wear it anyway, so that doesn’t really matter. 😉


Boom. Biking Jersey for less than $2.00.

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