Cuyahoga Valley National Park

*Pictures at the end


It’s fall, y’all!

To be more accurate, it’s been fall and I’m late to the game. Oh well.

If you live in Michigan, or have ever been to Michigan, you know how short our fall season is. Pretty much from October 1st to October 31st. Sometimes not even that long. I can remember many Halloween’s where it snowed or there was snow already on the ground.

So, if you want to enjoy the fall weather, you have to do it right away and make it worth it.

Which kind of works out for us. Although, I do definitely wish that the season was longer. We’ll have to consider moving at some point.

There is no better time of year to go hiking than the fall. The leaves are changing, the temperature is perfect, and the air smells amazing.

And so the husband I decided on a day trip to Coyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio. They have over 125 miles of hike-able trails! We’ll definitely be visiting again to see all the sights.

Never fear guys, I’m not leaving the low-carb blogging world to enter the world of travel blogs. Instead, I’m going to try combing the two!

To say that my husband and I practice the ketogenic lifestyle is only a partial truth – what we really practice is the Targeted Ketogenic Diet (TKD). The two styles are pretty much the same, but on days that we are more physically active, we allow ourselves to ingest enough carbs to complete the strenuous activity (such as running or uphill climbing/hiking).

For example, on days that I go for 2 mile trail runs, I will eat a 17 net carb Kashi bar. That way, I know that I will be able to complete my run without feeling completely drained of energy. Yes, I will still be tired, but not feel-like-death tired.

It’s all pretty much a guessing game as to what will work for you. I’ve tried trail runs without eating carbs beforehand. Not such a good idea. I’ve tried runs after eating a serving of peanut butter (6 net carbs). Better, but still not good. And then I consented to a Kashi bar and my runs have been wonderful and there has been no risk of falling out of ketosis.

You might not have to consume extra carbs before completing strenuous activity. You might have to have more than 17 carbs before. Everyone is different and I strongly encourage you to experiment and find the right range for you.

Because we do practice TKD, we know that for a day hike (approximately 6 hours of hiking and a 6 hour drive round-trip) we will need extra carbs and sustenance than we would normally have.

Here’s What We Packed:


Maps of our chosen trails, comfy hiking clothes,  2 bottles of water, Camelbak pack with 3 liter bladder, first aid kit, camera, camera bag, rain jackets, fleece jackets, light gloves, sunglasses, IDs, phones, gum, hand sanitizer, hiking shoes, and portable phone chargers.

Food: Left over fathead pizza, (2) Orange-Cranberry Mug cakes, (4) sting cheese, (2) Kashi granola bars, (2) protein bars, and a small container of mixed nuts.

We only ended up needing one half of a granola bar each, but I feel it’s always better to be prepared.


But enough of me! On to the beautiful pictures of the valley!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you’ve never been to Cuyahoga Valley National Park, you really must rectify that. It is SO incredibly beautiful.

We’re planning on another trip in the spring time when the rivers will be higher and the waterfalls more powerful.


What are some of your favorite national parks?


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