Changes… Oh My!

The past few weeks, nay, months have been unbelievable! With a new job, leaving said job, three-year-late honeymoon to Montana, moving to Virginia, and diet changes – life has been a whirlwind of excitement.

I said previously that I would document packing and food preparation for our Ketogenic road trip from Michigan to Montana and back. Well, I’m a failure. Kind of. there will be a post about it, just not nearly as detailed with pictures and lists-galore as I hoped. And also not on Pork Rinds & Bacon Grease. Please mosey on over to Tea, Wine, and Cheese, Please!  for the post. That’s where I’ll be sharing all of my travel-related and photography posts from now on. For now, I’ll content myself with sharing a few pictures of where life has taken me recently on TWCP.

As for the diet change, we’re no longer practicing the true Ketogenic lifestyle. We’re still low-carb (just instead of 35 grams or carbs a day, it’s more like 80 grams) and still refraining from eating processed foods, but we’ve added fruits back in to our meals. Oh how I missed fruit. We’re basically Primal now.

It was difficult to remain in ketosis while camping, and we had already planned on switching to the Primal lifestyle when we neared the time we want to start a family. Instead of jumping back into ketosis when we got home, we made the switch a few years earlier than initially anticipated.

But don’t worry! Even though my diet has changed slightly, I will still be creating and posting low-carb recipes! I have a few in the works that I hope to get out to you in the coming weeks.

All in all, these are some fantastic changes and I’m excited for what life has in store for me next.

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