Hello, all! My name is Bethany Whitfield and I am a technical writer and a lover of all things food. More specifically, low-carb foods.

I know what you’re probably thinking, “Another low-carb food blog? What could possibly be so special about this one.” Well let me tell you! As much as I love, and as much as I’m thankful for, all of the existing low-carb food blogs out there (my husband and I probably would not have been this successful with our keto lifestyle without them) there always seemed to be something missing. For the longest time I couldn’t figure out what is was, but then in dawned on me – I wanted something more personal, something not so perfect.

With blogs, there has to be a level of personability, but no one ever goes into the gritty details of their cooking mishaps. Bloggers might gloss over the flubs, but don’t explain why they happened or what they changed to reach perfection. I want to see the mistakes. I want to be able to learn from the things that go wrong. I want real.

So here I am.

Enjoy. 🙂