Ketogenic Lifestyle


I am not a dietitian. The following statements are my own opinions and I hold no responsibility for the results of your choices based upon these words.


A condition characterized by raised levels of ketone bodies in the body, 
associated with abnormal fat metabolism and diabetes mellitus.

A state that is achieved through the ketogenic diet - a high-fat, 
moderate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet that forces the body to burn fats
rather than carbohydrates.

I was so against the idea of going ketogenic when my husband first suggested it a few years ago. Not only does the name sound like some disease, the idea fat was the devil (an idea which extensive research has come to show is the exact opposite) was so ingrained in my mind that the mere idea of adapting to a high-fat lifestyle was almost enough to give me a heart attack.

Even though I was presented with the research saying that fat is SOOOOO GOOD, I still didn’t want to admit that this life changing diet would ever be a possibility in my home. BUT, when I let my husband cook dinner one night and he presented me with a keto dish (a variation of this recipe), I was obsessed.

As is the nature of life, we were both busy at the time with college, jobs, and wedding planning, so while I was beginning to admit that keto was some kind of wonderful, it kind of faded away into the dark recesses of my mind.

Fast forward a couple of years, my weight was at an all-time high (a whopping 223.4 pounds).


Nothing I did was keeping the weight off. Not eating healthy. Not running. Not yoga. Not low-calorie. I was getting desperate. I felt so tired all of the time, so sluggish. So blah.

And then one day I was reminded of the existence of a lifestyle based around ketosis. When my husband came home from work that night I declared that we were going keto. He had no complaints, but let’s face it, even if he did, it wouldn’t have mattered.

This diet was kind of a last resort for me, but it has undoubtedly been the best decision I have ever made. As of August 21, 2016 I have lost 52 pounds!

That’s not to say it was easy. Oh no. Not even close. Bread is heaven and pop tarts are ambrosia.

Fortunately, when I really put my mind to something, it gets done.

While we had originally planned on slowly making the transition into the world of ketones by finishing of the last of the carb-loaded trash residing in our cupboards and replacing it with healthy alternatives, I inadvertently stopped eating the carbs and dove head-first into ketosis.

Thankfully my husband’s brothers had no qualms about taking our unwanted food.

About the same time we made the switch to keto, I began working from home on projects so I was able to dedicate more time into customizing our diets and finding a routine that worked for us; meal planning, Sunday meal prep, and of course spending countless hours lost in the dredges of Pinterest.

BUT, this doesn’t mean that going keto is impossible without having the extra time that I was granted. Plenty of people are able to lead successful lives in ketosis with full, busy schedules. This is just what worked for us.

If you are new to this world and just beginning delve into the wonders of this lifestyle, I highly recommend that you do LOTS of research to determine is this extreme of a diet is right for you and your family.

Keto is not for the faint of heart. Ketosis is not a short term diet.

You must be prepared to stick with the dietary change for the rest of your life or you run the risk of gaining back the weight you lost and harming your health with the rate in which the weight will come back.

There is good news, though! You can still have most of the benefits of ketosis (weight loss, more energy, longer lifespan, immune system boost, etc.) just by lowering the amount of carbohydrates you intake. It’s kind of like the best of both worlds (cue Hannah Montana); you can still eat pop tarts, occasionally and mindfully, and you’ll be healthier!

If you are ready for the challenge of ketosis, here are a few things to remember:

  • Results may not be instantaneous!
  • Keep track of your macros to find the best ratio to reach your goals
  • You WILL have cravings. I have dreams about pop tarts. Stay strong. L-Glutamine supplements will help stop the cravings
  • Increase your sodium intake
  • Use a food/fitness tracker (like MyFitnessPal) to keep a record or your carb intake until you get comfortable in the diet

I wish you the best of luck on your ketogenic journey! ❤

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